Art helped shape me as a person

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Art has always been very present in my life. It is one of the main things that have helped shape me as a person. From toddler to adult, I kept myself learning so many things about it and doing that, made me realize the power and impact it has on everything. That is why it has become my passion. 
My name is Alondra González and I’m a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer based in Puerto Rico. I love all that has to do with illustration, drawing, fashion, design, customization, painting, and more. 
When I was four years old, I started taking art classes and never stopped. I graduated high school, where I specialized in Visual Arts. Then, I went to college to complete a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. Currently, I’m finishing my master’s degree in Illustration as a Savannah College of Art and Design student. On the side, I have also started a small business called AloArts, where I customize products with my art, work on portrait commissions, and create original artwork to sell. Always with the sole focus on loving what I do as an artist and trying to make people happy with my creations. After all, there will always be a piece of myself and love on everything I make.


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